Sunday, 18 October 2009

borderland dissolutions

simultaneously here and not.
travelling through years
moments eons. the manouevres
of a somewhat alchemical
gypsy. our beginnings held
inside this cryptic box
like the delirious solace
of a scream. beginnings
possessed since birth
and reborn evey day.
time, which is afterall,
only a human system
of measuring cycles distance
movement. the play of light
on earth and water. with zeal
we traverse the star maps
plotted by those with
heavenward gazes. running
our awestruck fingertips along
the potential of orion's sword
and paint our windows black.
the velvet canvas on which
to scratch a warning for the devil
to take heed. to cower
in the shadows cast
when we face the sun
and dream the world to life
in the place of no day and night.
where moonlight caresses
your body in it's most vulnerable
immaculate state. the place
where the beginning of
everything is unending.

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