Wednesday, 21 October 2009

it tastes like gold

in the near distance november trembles behind the lace of naked branches below stars perfectly aligned and sheds her skin. the moon pools silver on my chest and i long to drink. i believe nothing touches you by mistake. rising in the dark before dawn i scratch the surface. press my lips against the day and walk backwards blind towards everywhere i cannot see. it is possible in 24 hours - only if we stand still - to pass through the same spot in which yesterday we stood. i can remember before, but there is no after. only always. burning ourselves and each other. plant my name in your garden like a seed and listen for it coming, growing. the only real world is that we catch sight of in our peripheral vision. open your hands forever grasping to touch edges and instead hold up the sky. it's the only way it can enter and caress the places inside our bodies otherwise unreachable.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your words.
They are like jewels in my mouth.

Bianca Stewart said...

I was so taken by your response to Louise's (Art & Ghosts) words that I had to find out more. I, too, am a lover of language. Your words are beautiful. Just wonderful, really.
& I think we are kindred spirits. I am an Aquarius, born in the beginning of February. At my friend's behest, & after being inspired by your words, I think I will shove my fear in a drawer & start my blog today.


Anonymous said...

how utterly exquisite♥
I've only just found your blog and I am besotted by♥

Red Bird said...

I am running out superlatives... your words are beautiful.

Timo said...
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