Sunday, 18 October 2009

no thread only needles

balancing on the crest of this edible twilight you appear regal in ivory gold. yet also human. spinal snakes and splints assist your determination to remain vertical. a pearl in my oyster of a world. scratching the surface. i wonder where i am. mostly remembering i live for now somewhere inside of this body. during certain hours in the day the sun shines on us both and i wonder why. and why not. dear narcissus drowned in his own reflections as i fell through the other side of his mirror. do mirrors have memories i wonder? dream chords lighter than air dance from windows singing songs of elevated desires holding me in place as i fold up the map containing my fate. veils of gossamer glass and lace hide the truth beautifully as you deftly deal the cards. haunted by your own self and visions of the weighing of your heart upon death. astronomers chart your progress through the unbent arm of time. spectral phantom burning bright in the crimson sky. even the insignificant details leave their decorative imprints behind as starlit serenades warn of impending doom. come. follow me up to the attic. i remember in dreams you glowed so bright as we lit the way. everything faintly sharpening into focus. words indelible leave impressions upon skin as unharnessed we rode the wildness of imagination.

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