Saturday, 28 November 2009

he kept the world in his pocket

they look like they could come alive. if only you knew the magic word. all skin and veins. giant circulatory systems. etched in delicate, ancient, watery patterns. between the rise and fall of pregnant earth bellies. or lungs exhaling. blowing clouds hard and soft until they feather or curdle the sky.

then us. unskilled in technicalities. knowing nothing of co-ordinates we read, map, plot routes. journeys. fathom, invent, chose destinations. no trail of breadcrumbs. only pieces of heart. scattered. marking the way. traversing time and continents. walking on water.


Anonymous said...

Oh the joy! You have returned! I've missed you ( and your wonderful words so. ) x

Red Bird said...

I loved this for the title, its last line, and everything in between! You are amazing- and I am grateful for you, my friend. I've missed you.

Athena. said...

These are such wonderful words,
strung together by a brilliant being.

art-and-ghosts said...

today, your writing saved me from myself. the sheer absence of banality here is a godsend.

thankyou for sharing your exquisite words:)


Some Girl said...

I got chills reading the first paragraph. Wow.

a degrassi moment said...

scary and yet so cool.

Sophia said...

Oh my God, you're brilliant. This (and all your other writings) is simply genius!
I cannot wait for your next post.

Best regards

Timo said...
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