Friday, 23 April 2010

what comes at night in sleep (dreams and their meanings)

unsure heavy breaths drink air tasting of green and dirt. i kiss the sky and squint my eyes. no stars. no point of reference. no 'you are here'. feet have a mind of their own and keep moving. forward i think. along the muddy path that feels like soft cement between my toes. through walls of trees who see all, but don't speak. at least not to me. not tonight.

solitude breaks and i hear them. in the dark behind. as though following the sound of my heart beating fear out into the night through my ribs. my bones. shamanic drum. feet move faster to a run. then stop. lungs inhale deep and hold it there. they're here. wild. strong. dangerous. protective. all teeth and musk. savage and beautiful. standing stone-like i pray that they pass. seemingly indifferent to my presence they do.

the forest receives my relief exhaled. but they stop. in their tracks. on their way. my heart almost. eyes lit by the moon previously unseen by mine shine when heads turn. gazes meet. electricity softens. words, their edges and limitations disolve. feels like home. beckoning in a language silent. (un)familiar. waiting. so much i understand. about dark and light. about balance and when to jump. i will not take root. i pull. and with them i run.

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