Saturday, 31 July 2010

the corners are sharp tonight against the sky

wincing at half hearted attempts
at anything.
swallowing the sweetest deception
offered amongst the band of thieves.
waving no flag.
it wasn't meant to be, i say.

and perhaps believe it.

show me what you're made of.
who you are.
how far you're willing to go.
keep growing
into and out of yourself.

more than that.

then ask how it feels.
and i'll say
something like an atomic blast.

where sensation expands in waves.
collides with edges.
as though helpless.
like iron filings to a magnet.
when everything is sucked back.
to the point of origin.
and released.
swollen and tender.
hungry and exact.
in that moment at least.

and we hold on.
as best we can.
like sand in clenched fists.
to the inevitability of movement.
and the tendency
of realitites, like the wind,
to change...

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