Saturday, 23 October 2010

" long as it talks im going to listen." i said "yes"..

the outline of my mouth.

the way my hands know your face.

these are not words on paper,
but crossed bones
against the white of your skin.

in the hope of not losing them
i knot my memories.

and you rise to the surface.
in one way.
penetrating deeper

reconfiguring the order of things.

performing some kind
of mild erasure.

a feeling
of suspended 'reality',
when in fact
it's us.


the creation of history
in the process of moving
through time

like all love stories,
like snowflakes,
like echoes,

the same.



from the rain
"..nobody started it, nobody is going to stop it. it will take as long as it wants, this rain. as long as it talks im going to listen."
~ thomas merton

"everything we hear is an echo. anyone can tell that echoes move forward and backward in time, in rings. but not everyone realizes that, as a result, silence becomes harder and harder for us to grasp - though in itself it is unchanged - because of the echoes pouring through us out of the past..." - w.s. merwin, from 'houses and travelers'

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