Thursday, 25 November 2010

beneath this cloudless sky

beneath this cloudless sky there is nowhere to hide. the epitome of naked. motives are questioned. their magnitude in relation to hearts. i trace the constellations in and beyond my own flight path and wear the contradictions like a second skin.

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Anne Immelé said...

Vous savez comme les nuages m'inspirent... j'aime la dernière strophe de ce poème de Yeats :

" Now shall I make my soul, / Compelling it to study / In a learned school / Till the wreck of body, / Slow decay of blood, / Testy delirium / Or dull decrepitude, / Or what worse evil come - / The death of friends, or death / Of every brilliant eye / That made a catch in the breath - . / Seem but the clouds of the sky / When the horizon fades; / Or a bird's sleepy cry / Among the deepening shades. "

W.B.Yeats, The Tower (1926)