Wednesday, 10 November 2010

even in the dark. red.

inwardly the worlds secreted culminate and bond, pearl-like, as the night erodes the boundaries until mostly blood remains rising and crashing like the sea then the tide turns into the discovery that you're the price i pay for the skeleton key held hidden beneath my tongue with the power to unlock every universe you give birth to.



“My only way of speaking is through fragments which are like
Stones that must be lifted with their share of shadow
And against which we stumble
Being more scattered than they are.”

“But perhaps every day we can gather up again
The torn net, stitch by stitch,
And it would be, in the higher spaces,
Like sewing the night together star by star…”

“Say nothing: what you were going to say
Would only drown the sound.
Only listen: the doors have opened.”

~ Philippe Jaccottet, Le Mot Joie

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Anne Immelé said...

Philippe Jaccottet ! j'aime surtout "Paysages avec figures absentes"... je viens de le lire pour sa traduction de Rilke, ses lettres à Cezanne