Wednesday, 3 November 2010

regarding visions

the inbetween time.
a world of subdued colours
and bare bones.

ghostly white hovering
over the ground.
as though the fields
were breathing.

the quiet teachers.

through the apparent confusion
of silence,
a hazy simplification.

secret worlds
violently throb
in invisible places.
beneath the smoothness
of the surface.

behind smiles.

of things unknown,
only felt.

glass chimes.

i am the point
where the light splits.

increasingly concave.
forever expanding.
forever allowing for more.
looking for a bridge, or
something, i cannot find.


"all the lands are ready to rise
from the map.
to shake off their skin of stars
to tie the blue bundles of their seas
on their backs
to set their mountains with fiery roots
as caps on their smoking hair.."

~ nelly sachs, from and no one knows where to go

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