Tuesday, 4 January 2011

sometimes still nights

sometimes still nights.
of quiet knowing.
symbolic gestures.

like the first of the new year.
one for making stars.
offerings. prayers.
of setting fire to our wishes
and watching them burn the sky.
underlining the day in red.
letting you curl your bones
round mine like tangled roots
and vowing
to wreak havoc every morning
that the night wont leave.

you should be proud
of a spine that refuses to collapse.

a subconscious desire
to learn you with my fingertips.
the body as i left it.
in a room flooded
with light through dirty windows.

words fail me.

how we got here i know not.
only im grateful.
not so secretly
for those who rarely speak.
at least not in words.
invisible ink in unopened letters.

in my dream a skeleton in the sky
made of stars waving
through the shadows of winter leaves.
a trick of the light
captured the movement of wings
across the black and i was able
to see through you.
a stained glass version of you.
and your arrival
through old exit wounds.

porous is the heart
but not the stars on my pillow.


Timo said...
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Anonymous said...

This is beyond beautiful.
I love your blog more than you will ever know.
Thank you.

withoutwordswouldyouknow said...


but thank you

Anonymous said...

Your words say so much and say so little both at the sametime, now thats a quality you rarely see in someone.
Your words are both loud and quiet, warm and cold and memorable and forgetful, again a quality you rareley see in someone.
In volumes you capitvate, like a dream you wake from that feels so real, where the detail is so pronounced.
Definately a quality you rarely see in someone...
I found your existence through Last.FM
Will read more for sure
Razgriz x

Italy said...

she's a bird

alvaro barcala said...

Your alchemy is reaching the shinning gold. Beautiful poem Caroline.