Saturday, 10 March 2012

i ended my name with yours
and thought of the women
who give theirs away
upon marrying
to take on that
of their spouse.

does anything change
other than the way
it looks on paper?

confliction ensues

because i believe not in labels.
because identity has a name.

the way it's perfected
by hand and through life;
an association
between it and us.

our perception of the name,
something we grow into,
or does it become us?

i wonder
whether it has a meaning
other than that
with which we bestow it;

these spiderweb connections
in blood made visible
for a few by pearls
or shackles around the neck.

for the rest
a piece of living history;
connections to our origins
individual like a fingerprint...


alvaro barcala said...

In ancient times the words and their meaning were considered the same thing, an indivisible spell. One thing could not exist without the other. That's why magic was posible.
A name is not just a name.

ellom said...

Maybe sometimes a name is a burden connecting one needlessly to past pain? I believe in rebirth rituals, so am curious about the idea of hanging names.