Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"..brown paper packages tied up with string.."

always red, but with red it's quite specific.
gold - Au and light.
more and more soft dove through to slate grey,
greyblue, navy, azure, indigo, inky.
tan - like earth.
a shade of green
at which i would wrinkle my nose i've still to find.
leather - dark to caramel and soft with age.
cotton - everything.
silk - lace, thread embroidered.
wool - balls of, knitted, crocheted.
paper - blank, painted, bound, crumpled.
stone - ornate, or weatherworn, palm and pocketsized.
sun - warm and worn by skin and hair.
summer rain - a seductive kind of wet.
of water in all it's forms, inner tides.
wind - to make the trees sing,
stormbringer rattle the windows,
billow my skirt with the gentlest breath.


Wingfall at dusk said...

Sumptuous and sensuous.
I love the summer rain and, oh, the wind...

alvaro barcala said...


demie said...

Such a sensual poem...