Wednesday, 27 June 2012

the unicorn man

my friend vox anon has released
his fourth book of poetry - super cutey.
it's the work of a mind firing on all cylinders.
it is ultimately a book written to and by love..
in all it's forms. the perfect combination
of light and dark.
a patchwork of word images
creating a narrative revealing the friction,
and often blurred lines, that exist
between the imagined and physical worlds.
between and in each line he conjures
not so dusty memories
that comfortably sit amongst futuristic visions.
these are poems possessing a sense of time suspended,
the dreams, loves and fantasies of mister vox anon
whose surreal, and yet ultra real mind/heart
are translated and recorded in such vivd,
and often wise, word paintings
collected into a book whose pages lead you
through the nightmarefairytale
of the raw purity of his inner world,
which is, in however large or small a sense, our world.
his words should be written in red.

and for more gems..

1 comment:

Vox Anon said...

Cloud Gatherer,

There was a time when many of my theologickill poeticks were to of about Lovers, the Ideal, & You.

A lush heady full bodied reading of this small collection you share unsoft unwhet explosive findings.

Thank you my fellow creator, destroyer, purifier, dancer, decoder & shamaness. It feels like
a SUMMER book to blush about &/or censor/reply to ain't it purdy sweetpea goodnight.

i look like red wine but feel like soda pop now. Wonderful review its all you fierce one.

UNtil then WRITE ON...i have held your unformed book in my mind & wait.

Cheers Vox Anon
password: Bugalug