Tuesday, 3 July 2012

moments from june


Lilli said...

Moments from June, a puzzle for the brain.

Feathers, something Japanese, a temple, a ship on a lake or an ocean (probaby ocean) and finally a boat on land.

I picture myself standing beside the tiny blue and white flag, looking at Arran. But I might be wrong, I often am.

Lilli said...

It's me again, still going on about Arran. Something I didn't know, but made me giggle. Arran became the property of the Norwegian crown in the Viking Age... but you probably knew that already.
Hope your evening is wondrous.

withoutwordswouldyouknow? said...

you're right lilli. many of the places names in arran are of norse origin. there are also the remains of an old viking ship burial ground at king's cross on the island. the history is fasciniating!

Lilli said...

Indeed! You see how little I do know :)

There's a, I hope, nice surprise for you from the old Norse Land. Come and see!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hello lovely!
i am surprised at your visit, and very thankful. did you notice? i left no paw... ;)))
i've indeed signed me up as a follower, because it seems to me you talk sense.
am only too pleased my woolf pleases you. long story! let's hace tea in the tree house...
later, dear.

ellom said...

"revisiting our temples" . . . what is this? where is this from? Love those few lines that I can read from the image. And do love all the imagery, the comforting shades of green and grey.

withoutwordswouldyouknow? said...

the text is from an article in 'kinfolk' magazine ;)