Wednesday, 19 September 2012

night falls soft and fast these days

amongst september constellations my eyes are drawn to one particular shimmering star during my night walk home. and the thought strikes me that (were it to even possess eyes of it's own) this star sees me not. and for some reason it saddens me (oh, ego!), but brings with it all manner of perspective. we are each specks in forever. so small within the grand scheme and yet infinite. worlds within worlds creating and orbiting our own suns, a constant even if changed several times within a lifetime. millions of miniature solar systems made of flesh and blood and the kind of heart that is neither. drawn to those who possess that light around which we spin; the light towards which we gravitate. and blessed you are if fate or luck or chance bestow upon you the honour of being sun to another... by the time i reach home i figure that this golden ghost up in the sky, even if it were to squint with it's non existant eyes, may not see me and the worlds of which i am composed, but it sees the world of which i am a part of. this blue green world throbbing with seven billion heartbeats added to it's own. what thunder we must emit into the darkness! and should anyone gaze upon us from however many light years away i hope that if the light shines just right that we too are golden.



♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

interesting juxtaposition, even with light years 'apartness'...
your words always make me wander / wonder.
i appreciate that.

Wingfall at dusk said...

"On the stars thou gazest, my Star;
would I were heaven to look at thee with many eyes"
Plato Epigrams 8:7

ellom said...