Thursday, 11 October 2012

a list of this morning. oh, and a painted elephant

so far this morning has involved....
. a room of pale pink light.
. chopin's nocturne in c minor.
. an unfortunate eyebrow situation.
. tea stained skies behind glass.
. an aching body wrapped in soft.
. finger-reading the texture of trees.
. tales of baba yaga and the ents.
. observing the seductively slow undressing of branches.
. the soft clang of metal on stone.
. feeding on colour and pattern.
. nourishing a love of detail.
. the quiet beauty of hammershoi.
. longing for minimalist simplicity.
. contemplating a home made christmas.
. embracing melodious contrasts.
. the knowledge that last night's dishes need attention,
  but oh well, let's take a picture..


alvaro barcala said...

I love little lists too :)

Wingfall at dusk said...

It sounds a pretty perfect morning - apart from the rather intriguing 'unfortunate eyebrow situation', though I seem to remember in the past you've been known to rip them out on a whim with recourse to anaesthetic or gin.
Oh the Hut on Fowl's Legs - brilliant. I'd forgotten that one.
I have never come across Hammershoi - utterly beautiful.
Home made Christmases are the best of the best and I suspect your home made one will be particularly enchanting and magical.
"Tea stained skies behind glass" - sublime. I'm going to take that one with me in my heart :)
Sorry about the dishes :( but little ellie is lovely ;)