Sunday, 21 October 2012

talismans and resurrection.
from top to toe and tip to tip
- unimaginable possibility.
speaking of night visits
and early morning songs
lay low in the absence of colour.
i love you the only way i know how.
also teal against slate.
moving inland and further out.

at the end of life to have been the poem,
to have mastered the music
made with the movement
of bone and skin and voice.
to possess, at the end, the desire
to leave those bones behind
and commit ourselves to memory.
casting shadow and light.
clouds threatening to burst.


Wingfall at dusk said...

'at the end of life to have been the poem' x

A eulogy for the life (and death) lived with wide open arms

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i have no words left, you've said it all. :)))

ellom said...

There is something in these recent ones that I find very beautiful, even if it feels heavy too, for me personally in this moment. (But that is just how it reacts with the road I myself walk) There is something active, a responsibility perhaps, being present in ones life, working with all the senses and a full knowledge of where the moments lead.