Thursday, 8 November 2012

in pale words that were never flat

go wisely upon the serrated edge of the horizon.
that is what i want to say
as the colours of the earth and sky multiply.
i bring my green heart with it's midnight gardens
and hands familiar with the language
of the secrets in the texture of your skin.
we lacemake ladders and bridges
with not so much as a solid material
despite darkness knocking at the door
ever earlier these days mocking the sharpness
of the creased corners of the day.
the air feels thin.
i hold out my tongue.
the air smells like pepper, tastes of nothing.
an apparition of a medicine woman.
sliced apples on a plate of bone 
to banish all the things that scare me.
the clock chimed ten before i arrived
and now it's nearly tomorrow.
my beautiful accomplice
tonight i wish you tidal waves of love
and a heart strong enough to navigate
our winter home of quiet lands and stormy seas.


Wingfall at dusk said...

I love the deep and gentle passion of this. Little glimpses and tiny shards of your world painted in heart shaped words.
I must write ;)

Kim said...

ellom said...

I find solace in your words, once again.

alvaro barcala said...

a true sailor, indeed.