Sunday, 12 May 2013

and if briefly you are none the wiser

a request please, to censor me not and eat me whole. morning noon and night we are inclined to believe and build, brick by brick, homes we will and wont inhabit. somewhere on the periphery, an absence, which is an always presence. shades of the dark make the light brighter. i see your tracks, but might not follow. a suggestion to unearth the roots and take the back roads, to marvel at how it came to be; the authenticity in and of the first gesture, where the only way was wholehearted and the names were learned by heart. names that are more than words, of those with whom we are secretly in love. the glen holds the bright and the weather in her open arms, waves crash against the rocks when yesterday the water lay still as glass. tomorrow again a change. yet always water. stark lines against low and trembling clouds. it is only three glorious summers since first we met.


Wingfall at dusk said...

For all those homes we build that we will and wont inhabit (usually we wont), but whose building makes us truly human; poet and dreamer, lover and warrior, outlaw and sage.
For those who know the heart-truth behind the secret names and the touch of light upon their finger tips.
Most of all, for the girl who loves clumsily because one heart can never hold that amount of passion for life and colours were never meant to be contained by lines...
... I raise my glass to you all

3 years? My how time flies x

Kim said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoying my words and humor. While mine has humor yours has soul!

Anonymous said...

i am Starting to believe tHat thAt ever elusive anD ancient message for all time, that unknown vowl that is always looming somewhere in our periphery, can be founD hidden here Amoung your words. your mystery is one tHat never failS to intrigue me my darling twinkle toes... you hold the feather that brings balance to my heavy heart.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...