Tuesday, 11 June 2013

greeting the day through hazy morning light
with a mouth forever poised to smile.

there is a choir, an almost crescendo in the trees,
but the trees, they seem oblivious
and talk in papery whispers amongst themselves.

the river, a ribbon of apparent glass,
has not altered it's course; it still weaves
it's way through the hard and the soft,
the green and the grey, but at a more leisurely pace
than that of some months before when the surface heaved
and it would have been unwise to underestimate the swell.

such an abundance of small astonishments,
that we each have our own bodies,
but remain capable of bursting out of ourselves
(as though we could be contained)
given the right set of circumstances.

and then there are parts that are half imagined,
which makes them not any less real.
to dig into the deeper well,
into and beyond the bone world.

in the distance a bell chimes, measuring time.
lives are lived between the rising and setting
of heavenly spheres for a limited time and yet always.

I endeavour to one day, not seep, but explode
in full technicolour out of this body.
to gorge on every gift the world so kindly offers.
to pay attention, pray and give thanks
and today I greet the day
through hazy morning light
with a mouth forever poised to smile.


LuLu said...

"papery whispers" is such a lovely phrase. This was a soothing read, really.

Breakfast After 10

Jane O Sullivan said...

dear ms.c.g .....thank you for your beautiful response to my lonely little blog, YES YES kindred spirits , it is always worth believing blindly , glad to hear from you particularly as you know how I love the world you reflect. with love Jane x
I will pay proper attention to your magical words (all)as soon as quite today descends on me.

Wingfall at dusk said...

Classic withoutwords - how I have missed it. I love the river of sensuality in these words that lift the heart and eyes to the 'beyond the bone world.' You never fail to make the spirit roar :)