Wednesday, 3 July 2013


submissive to the elements/where night barely comes/draw memories/cerebral souvenirs/fill the hollow spaces/and what it all amounts to/is you/wearing crowns of mayflowers/fellow kinsmen/ of earth to the edge of the sea/spirit of the feminine/such well crafted standards/cares not for spilled milk/a thousand years ago and to come/line up the thorns upon which you prick your fingers/give them names/but that was after the story/of black cats and crystals in pockets/spirited gentle shapes/love changes shape and stays the same/like something concerning miracles/observe this/feet of clay/soothsayer/i keep the things you give/growing tired of repeating myself/we become ourselves/hearts desirous of their own reflection/the birds circle/live for the kind of music that makes the blood move/despite dimly lit rooms upon whose walls hang skins/only as big as you let them be/threshold/and i leave you cold/dismantle/and the good that comes out of it/is not how you choose to define me/in your eyes darkly/quietly awkward/creep over your skin/through the dark cloud light will shine/sleepers/cries and whispers/always felt so fake to me/uncommon/of questionable sanity/what knots/create the crest of a life.


Wingfall at dusk said...

Such a kaleidoscope here!! One could take a lifetime exploring these words and tracing the footsteps of captured and released thoughts...

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

like a summ up of what your cloudgathererholdmedown is all about... it is how i've come to 'know' you a little. quite diverse and dense.

before, i've wondered what nationality you carried. since i've understood you're a lovely english person, living in scotland?

i'd prepared an email out to you, see, but couldn't find an adress at the time. i've filtered out some stuff from the original message, here.

i think i congratulated you on you getting married as well. so i still am! congrats, to the both of you.

and later!


ellom said...

what a list!