Friday, 3 April 2015

backdrop of forever framed by wings of white feathers

a strong hand,
unclenched, honest and revelatory,
perhaps toughened, but still tender.
the solidity of flesh and bone
against a backdrop of forever
framed by wings of white feathers.

it says "look, this is how",
but leaves the secrets for you to fathom.

mercury swims
in a flame bound sea of sulphur
in the palm of the one power and four worlds.

a key
unlocks the mysterious chambers of the self,
the way illuminated by a flicker of universal fire
bearing witness to life shining from a vessel
built by man beneath the light of the world
burning in the black
and the star
of heavenly truths crowned by the power unknown
that sparks in the lesser lights
to reveal the gold inside...


alvaro barcala said...

So very beautiful! You fashion your own way to your inner gold with your alchemic verses.

It is very on the line of thoughts I am having lately. I don't mean to intrude putting here something of my own, but would like to share with you some of the sounds that are hovering inside my head.

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

beautiful, alvaro.

how bright you shine.