Sunday, 27 December 2015

in blood and bones/things you should know

i am an autonomous woman who seeks nobody's approval to validate my Self. i surround myself with the love and wisdom of my kind. my mind is my own to examine, feed and expand through the intention to remain open. i will not take for granted this body, which is my home. i stretch, care for and rest it daily and feed my spirit with all things that equal love. i strive to evolve in my consciousness and to live my best self by seeking the love and wonder in everything. i revere the mystery and miracle of life despite times when it seems all around is disintegrating. i have the power to choose the direction of my life, to identify and remove all distractions and negativity to focus on the exact life i want and will have. i believe the world is larger than me, yet is in me. the power, strength, love, destruction, the source, mystery and potential. i am bigger than my edges.

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