Saturday, 21 May 2016

in that soft darkened alcove drinking the last of the light
poised on the edge of sacred boundaries,
redrawn and torn to shreds.
you wont like what you're going to see
dwelling here in the shade reflecting back your life
somebody should hold me back,
still moving from and to the point of origin.
and carnivorous.
you need not breathe through me,
or hold yourself in,
your stars were never lost.
but these monsters sleep lightly beside the holy ghosts
patiently fading in and out of focus moving beneath my skin.
watching the moment create itself
in more than fractal patterns when i close my eyes ,
but they're wide open to witness the unfurling,
to look my shadow in the face, to find the path to the centre.
so roll up your sleeves we're going in
after an abundant swell of quiet noticing. let me introduce myself...


DenexeneD said...

A wandering spirit set down in the sun
exhaled a sigh and pondered years lost
after cutting away the frayed ends of
dark threads doused with vinegared pain
The shroud all but transparent now
Worn heavy as lead before, has become almost
as light as an ostrich feather
Further examination may be required
Can this place really become home?
Because there emerges a smile
And the sky expands beyond the grey
Here may yet be the ground he sought
To plant seeds of pleasant times to come
And far behind is the forest of doubt.
And far behind are the shades of misery.
A garden shall grow here

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

"There is a voice that doesn’t use words.

- Rumi