Sunday, 25 September 2016

of honey and wounds

"like a snake, my heart
has shed its skin.
 i hold it here in my hand,
full of honey and wounds."

~ federico garcía lorca


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tentaculitidae said...

Upon a day, came Sorrow in to me,
        Saying, ‘I’ve come to stay with thee a while’;
        And I perceived that she had ushered Bile
And Pain into my house for company.
Wherefore I said, ‘Go forth – away with thee!’
        But like a Greek she answered, full of guile,
        And went on arguing in an easy style.
Then, looking, I saw Love come silently,
Habited in black raiment, smooth and new,
        Having a black hat set upon his hair;
And certainly the tears he shed were true.
        So that I asked, ‘What ails thee, trifler?’
Answering, he said: ‘A grief to be gone through;
        For our own lady’s dying, brother dear.’

Dante Alighieri on June 9th 1290, transl. by D.G. Rossetti