Saturday, 19 September 2009

curioser and curioser

the sky stays the same. only light moves. and the clouds of course. now is as far as we can go. bodily at least. there is more than a slight contradiction in being consumed by cannibalistic tendencies. how we stay balanced amazes me. no dizziness from circles. twentyfour hour cycles. new beginnings melt into one long whole. i wonder whether the sun realises that his life is the most glorious dazzlingly slow suicide. what if there is no meaning? what if we simply mold the evidence into an aesthetically, emotionally and spiritually pleasing shape? lately i crave green. so much green that i can breathe it. taste it. before we were born we were two. miraculous fusion of genetics. divinity's gift. 30 summers later i am still growing into and out of myself. im quite sure the map would say YOU ARE HERE if only i could find it. the earth never sleeps. not even when she looks dead. it's all illusion. a matter of perception. just biding her time is all. time. moving in sequence. maybe. maybe not. upon reaching an age where skin is worn thin finding yourself back at the beginning. beautiful horizon vivid in the distance. transformation of energy. the only thing science class taught me. nothing dies.


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