Saturday, 19 September 2009

songs without words

he said the music comes in dreams.
i said "dear heart, please concentrate"
and waited.

the nearest i came was silence.
sometimes the noise is inside.
sometimes frustration bleeds from pores
and eyes do all the talking.
sometimes, when im lucky,
i see tigers.
completely where you would least expect.
some things aren't intended to be literal.
glossolalia is a good word.

the tigers are real though.

there are times when life outruns death.
and love.
there are loves that never die.
how can beauty be defined
when we each possess different eyes?
i look for messages. always.
im thinking someone must have a plan.
im quite sure the allure lies in the misty edges.
where imagination chooses the colours
and wildly embellishes the known.
i never did like grey but i have a love
hate relationship with boxes,
so im learning to accept it.
shades of everything i see.

but so far and still,
the music has yet to find me sleeping.


Red Bird said...

Ack- my favorite piece so far... this is absolutely brilliant... brava.

Timo said...
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