Saturday, 3 October 2009

heart shaped lunacies

half the world away i lie with my back to the floor.
face the light of day and night.
in the absence of maps i take my time with your words.
roll them around in my mouth.
stripping you naked with their truth until i can see the detailed articulate patterns beneath your skin.
enough to imprint and decode them in my mind.
unlocking your spinal secrets.
chart progress not by the position of the sun.
but rather the coins and bones unearthed and offered.
collected and kept safe behind ribs.
to melt intergrate assimilate.
stories prised from fists.
every day angels are always well hidden in the crowd of faces.
the world has no edges and still it is too narrow.
somewhere between you and i, above the gentle arc of the earth's belly, we softly smash collide.
they say history is the past but i breathe it every day.
in my dream i lay you down on the kitchen table.
untie my secrets from your hair.
cherries in this glass bowl.
i suck the juice from the flesh of time and distance.
know your heart is too big for my hands.
but still my days are shaped like you.
they begin and end with your name.
and on either side the skin of the night closes behind us.
where gods and heroes are painted on the black.
here i find myself stretched across worlds.


Madeleine Miranda said...

Very beautiful!

Red Bird said...

Oh, this is amazing... I am in love- it's official...

withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

a shy "thankyou"

Timo said...
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