Friday, 2 October 2009

kissing the sky

there are nights
in which the moon
follows me home
all the way
and leaves not my side
even when the sun
rears his golden head
above the line
where earth touches sky.
there are nights
in which the constellations
sing in black velvet
their hymns to drown out
the battle cries
the sound of swords clashing
making everything soft turn hard
haunting bones
quickening blood breath mind.
and there are nights
in which my fingers
draw the maps on your skin
in my silver mind
for your swollen heart
to read ignore follow
never in the dark.


Some Girl said...

I kind of adore this

Red Bird said...

Me, too.. I love the movement of this... it's captivating!

Madeleine Miranda said...

Very inspiring, well done!

Timo said...
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