Sunday, 5 September 2010

and please when it's your turn show me slowly..

rising from the (un)dead
im tangled in piano strings

gathering leaves & pressing
flowers in these brittle pages
collecting gold holding time

or a moment at least

whilst marvelling
at the spectacular colour clash
of the flowers in my window
drinking this milky morning

and the magic
in the absoluteness
of nature and her (un)

my mind strays
aware of our own fragility

i try to describe the night
with my five senses
like the way sunday feels
when you awake
recalling the shadow
of the rabbit in the moon

and the way the acoustics
change in accordance with the light

and you grow another heart
to beat softly in time
with the twinkling of the stars
and their morse code messages

lying in green
beneath a blanket of petals
and leaves raining down
on your eager body

whilst the elements
seduce your skin
and you can taste the weather
on your tongue..


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