Friday, 1 October 2010

days worn like pearls

malgorzata maj


greed. one of the seven deadly sins. apparently. yet i remain forever hungry. swallow the world every day. or at least i try. songs form in my mouth like future memories recalling to mind the time you brought plums with no nocturnal ambiguities obscure in their clarity. then later, pockets fat with feathers and leaves. talismanic treasures. like runes. or, carved in stone winding like a secret through the grass, the inscription composed in a language unfamiliar to our tongues. our wor(l)ds caught in the branches to hang where the green used to be and i like the image of our insides exhaled and held in the net of the trees so much so i long for ribbon to tie them there. like spring blossom that lasts longer than a season. and i realise it's not necessarily that we're looking for answers, rather for someone with whom we share the same questions and immerse in the wonder that forever fails to fit inside of the edges. moments made sacred by the sheer fact they exist.


Timo said...
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lauren carney said...

oh everything about your blog is lovely!
the pictures make me smile!

happy blogging you!