Wednesday, 11 January 2012

that when caressed in receptive hands soothes the blood of it's divine chaos

~ my open body, amongst other things, a graveyard for phantoms and fossils.
~ i hold between my finger and thumb the clouds that trap your thoughts.
~ i pledge allegiance to the day and night and the love in between;
~ worship the saints (mine, not His) that line the windowsill and romance my animal heart.
~ i receive letters typed in cryllic script and remember the day the river burst it's banks.
~ i (lose and then) find myself threading a rosary; memories set in amber.
~ possessed by a wild curiosity about the intricacies of the hearts of strangers,
~ i listen to you speak of the movement of wings - butterflies in your stomach.


demie said...

"possessed by a wild curiosity about the intricacies of the hearts of strangers,"
this sentence describes me
and your poem intrigues me because of that

i really wish we `d meet one day

Livretanea said...

Inspirational; invitation to our Inside World. Thank you!

ellom said...

I keep returning to see new work but then re-read this one and it has so much that it is like a new work very time. I appreciate your writing so much and am glad to have found it.

Timo said...
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