Saturday, 4 February 2012

that such massive movement should appear silent to our ears

the night offers itself like a bouquet of black
exhaling mysteries
into our room that used to be white.

dreams bring epiphanies
of humans as the ouroboros;
lives consuming days;
days consuming life.

i wonder why we cant hear the sound
of our world
spinning circles around the sun;
the courtship dance of giants.

i think of the castle shining across the bay
whilst we shivered beneath january stars.

you with the eyes of topaz, and me
reciting the names of every bone
in the human body
and the things that makes them shake.


demie said...

this did make me shiver for a while, here sitting on my cellar reading you...
but maybe its because its a bit cold...

Timo said...
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ellom said...

I am especially moved by the last line. It holds secrets.

Good night, Olivia said...

Your words make me shake! In a good way!
Lilli :)

alvaro barcala said...

Wingfall at dusk said...

Spellbinding and as hauntingly beautiful, as ever.