Sunday, 26 February 2012

mirrors, masks, reflections

i am possessed by the strongest desire to undress you.
in more than the literal sense of fiddling with buttons and buckles,
but in the peeling away the fabric of the self and holding it
in more than my hands to feel it's weight and texture.
i want to ask with what or whom are you in love,
what is it that makes your heart beat faster?
pin me to the door and show me.
at the end of each day reveal to me the changes,
however small and seemingly insignificant.
by summer i will braid you into my hair,
wear your profile, as i see it,
carved in the cameo on my breast.
all you have to do is keep growing.
all you have to do is crack my ribs and you're home.


alvaro barcala said...

Home, a far far away place of feelings, far far away inside. Only reachable by the possesed pilgrim.
A lovely raptured poem.

demie said...

I have read this poem of yours several times by now.
Hesitating to leave a comment.
Maybe because I think I know
the feeling of wanting my ribs cracked....

myriorama said...

This is beautiful. Stay hungry, or greedy, whichever it is (I'm not sure it matters).

ellom said...

I adore this.