Sunday, 4 March 2012

you wanted me to be the sky

you wanted me to be the sky,
touching everything and impossible to reach.
turns out i am the storm
from which i drag my own shipwreck
kept in bottles lining the floor
along the skirting board
like an orderly armada of chaos.

in the morning the birds return
to the cloudless blue never ending days
circling your wildest dreams that i also am.
i am no soft corpse cobwebbed
to the kind of simplicity that most desire.
i contain a wild(er)ness.

i embrace the contradictions
and urge you to trust your gut,
your 'senses';
trust your legs to take you there.
then reach, stretch on tip toes.
i am there, between your fingers.


demie said...

Your poem is not simple.
But I wish it was so simple.
To trust your gut and your senses.
And then reach.

( I am going to think about this poem all week.
You are killing me!!! )

I like it though....

Anonymous said...

yourS is a sky wHere the brightest lights And the Darkest nights are born...

alvaro barcala said...

shipwrecks from the sky
which sunk sailors are birds