Wednesday, 5 September 2012

the trees are holding themselves so still

the trees are holding themselves so still. even the sky barely moves. rowan berries drip from their branches whilst i harvest the colour of these early mornings. it floods my heart. sometimes i pray. to my two mothers... i could tell of all the ways to make me fall in love with you; a different you on a daily basis, but always you.... a stream of incense smoke dances erratically at the window. the strangest things are making me cry lately; nerve endings spread like the root systems of myself planted in the bucket of seeds growing at my front door. autumn is on the doorstep transforming the world into it's own version of a sensualist's dream. i want to savour it, not waste words. walk in the woods, along the river. be. criss cross the days with journeys profound and small, and ponder the wisdom of winter, who holds it all in, waiting and knowing that for everything there is a time and order.


Anonymous said...


Beautiful harvester you are.

x E

Anonymous said...


who are you, darling, with your brilliance? with your ability to transport me to elysian fields through the mere string of a sentence?

this is gorgeous.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

clever trees. they shimmer, at this forgiving time of year.
i have feasted on your word panoply. cheers.

Wingfall at dusk said...

Everything I love and everything I ache for.
It is as if we were created to hold the universe in our hearts. Perhaps that is why it sometimes feels as if the soul grows so big it will tear us apart and that it runs on legs faster than those of our bodies. Perhaps that's why when we reach out to embrace eternity with our arms, our souls cup Blake's grain of sand and says 'what is larger than this?'
I think, today, I too will learn to 'criss cross my days with journeys profound and small'

ellom said...

the fall. in love, in rootedness. how familiar, how safe, how wild.

Jane O Sullivan said...

so so so lovely , you echoe my heart , just bak from a walk with our 3 dogs and my loved one , I was thrilled to just do this , to be in the nature that sustains me the sky that holds the key , with love jane x