Sunday, 19 April 2015

a spiritual union requires no permission for the intimacy shared between the changing shape of distances

campbell said that the unpardonable sin is to not be alert.
pay attention.
closed eyes heighten the sensation
of twisted ropes of water
tracing the shape of the body naked. 
the sun bright behind eyelids 
soaking the day with the potential
of all the possibilities whilst casting shadows.
keeping the balance.
it is said that all roads lead to where we are meant to be.
I say the road is where we're meant to be
 - the point is the process. 
the enrichment of a life in motion.
perpetual growth. strengthening
of body and soul.
the body as home. 
a gift.
made in and of love.
but the coming together
of two kindreds is the arrival,
all dirty feet and ecstasy, 
at the temple. the watching
of two suns rising to dance
in the light of their own creation.
the place where gods are born.

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