Wednesday, 22 April 2015

from the beginning

in a place where night barely comes
the crowned heart in all it's vastness.

relentless dismantling of measurements
between earth and water
yet submissive to the elements.

force of nature, wild and untamed
speaking truths
that fail to make you wince
and of things that do not die.

on the ground strewn skins
scratched with the words

the sun sits on shoulders broad and strong
making itself dizzy.

beads of sweat
gather in the curves of backs.

skin sticky and seduced
by the idea of all that waits
in the growing shadows and abundant light.

skin that mostly holds us
inside it's outlines
and thickens
in the healing over of old wounds.          

but still
- bite hard.       

a thousand years ago and to come
the names were given
- flight, knife, breath, fire, swell,
knot, she, earth,
black, stone, blood.

hollows carved in chests
to make room
for the clouds and seas to part.

a perpetual becoming
forever at the threshold,
the edge of chaos,
poised to break the membrane
and blow your own mind...

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